HighCast 064 – Alex Rowe

Alex is an animal welfare inspector.

I’m on team human, Alex is on team animal.

I’m not fussed that we’re on different sides because I think we met nicely in the middle in what was a great discussion about animals in our lives and the complexity and challenges that comes with being their custodians.

Animals have a special place in our psyche. They are separate but also so similar to us that we find it hard to reconcile these conflicting thoughts in how we interact and treat them. Alex is in the front line of this conflict, she sees some of the best and the worst of our relationship with animals.

I really admire Alex’s work. It takes a certain type of person to put the welfare of other beings on such an important foot hold in their lives. Alex cares deeply about what she does and it trying to make the world a better place by impacting on the lives of vulnerable animals. All power too her.

It was great to have Alex in the studio. I hope to continue our conversations, maybe even end up on the same team one day 😛

HighCast 063 – Paige Penning + Ash Kara

Paige and Ash are women’s rugby enthusiasts

Who would of thought I could sit down and talk rugby for an hour?

Well I did and it was super fun. Not necessarily because of the rugby but because of Paige and Ash. They love rugby, are passionate about engaging and empowering women and have an infectious attitude.

Goulburn, and indeed Southern Tablelands and Highlands are lucky to have these women in our community. They drive change and motivate others to be part of things that are bigger than themselves.

It goes to show that people can really make a difference by starting local and having dreams that impact on larger scales.

I feel really privileged to talk to Paige and Ash. It was one of my most fun podcasts!

HighCast 062 – Angela Hughes

Angela is a young agriculturalist.

The future of agriculture is in good hands if farmers and agricultural enthusiasts like Angela have anything to do about it. Enthusiastic, positive and willing to have a crack, Angela embodies the spirit of pioneering Europeans with a modern bent and technological twist.

An animal lover at heart, Angela can articulate dilemmas of drought and yield, of welfare and production and the competitive nature of production in Australia. It’s really interesting to hear her thoughts on the future of farming and how her generation is going to cope.

I really enjoyed the conversation, our references to the preverbial “Karen” and hearing a young persons take on how environment and production can exist together.

Thanks Angela. Now for a steak!

HighCast 061 – Dallas de Brabander

Dallas is host of Skinkworld House Concerts in Bundanoon.

Ben Folds has a song called There’s Always Someone Cooler Than You. It’s true, Dallas is way cooler than me, and she’s not even trying.

I was lucky enough to talk with Dallas and go to one of her house concerts. The concerts are as warm and as welcoming as Dallas. The artists, hand picked by her, were super intelligent and inspiring musicians. I felt a like I was in a dream and humbled to be present.

Dallas is doing something in Bundanoon that’s authentic, beautiful and empowering. Her spirit of generosity is only matched by her obvious passion for music and bringing others together to enjoy it with her.

Southern Highland and surrounds is home to some unique people doing some pretty incredible things, Dallas fits right in. It was a pleasure to talk with her and be invited into her home.

Thanks Dallas!

HighCast 060 – Darren Green

Darren is creator of Heartisan Market.

I was hit by the life force that is Darren (Dazza) Green. He’s got a drive and a determination that not many posses. Most will spend their time pondering or reminiscing, Darren is doing!

Darren has a vision and is determined to see it happen. He’s the kind of guy you read about in the history books, the type with grand dreams and a desire to do something different, rebellious even.

The market at Penrose is taking shape, Darren is a good cook (seriously try the deep fried ham and cheese tostie!) and the facility he dreams of setting up is filled with potential. You can sense Darren wishes time wasn’t dependent on our relativity to speed of light. That perhaps, if he could go faster, time would appear slower and he could get more into a day!

What a pleasure to meet another ordinary, extraordinary, person in the highlands turning their everyday into something magic.

Thanks Darren!

HighCast 059 – Steve Hogwood

Steve is an artisan blacksmith and owner of 1910 Ironworks.

Our ability to create, our ability to imagine and to change is embodied in Steve. An ex advertising executive, who was once consumed by the art of consumption now spends his time working metal and producing boutique iron products.

I was lucky to visit his forge. There is something natural about his work, a connection to the world that goes beyond tangible into something almost spiritual. Maybe it’s because the heart of the earth is iron, maybe that the work involves fire, I’m not entirely sure, but the feeling is pervasive and infectious.

Through my conversation with Steve, I learned a lot. I learned that sustainability, artisan is a vocation and a lifestyle. That if you want to do it, Steve is an example of how it can be done, and that, if Steve is any example, it’s truly rewarding.

Another great podcast with another local who is doing his bit to change the world.

Thanks Steve!

HighCast 058 – Dylan Lourey

Dylan is owner of George Harris Movement.

Dylan produces hats, shirts and bags from hemp. A magical plant, best known for changing our consciousness, which, with its sustainable qualities, could end up changing the world.

It’s pretty cool that he does what he does from the highlands. He doesn’t have easy access to his chosen material and relies on manufacturing and distribution networks well beyond our area. That’s what’s so cool about it, he does what he does in spite of the difficulty, because it’s the right thing to do.

Dylan gave me GHM hat. I’ve been wearing it around, that is when my 5 year old son, who is, by the way, significantly cooler than me, isn’t wearing it. It feels good not only on my head, but in my head, to know that we have people in our area doing great things with global impacts.

Thanks for sharing Dylan!

HighCast 057 – Mark Bourne

Mark is owner and vigneron at Cuttaway Hill Wines.

Mark is a really happy guy. Why wouldn’t you be when you get to spend your days in the fields cultivating and creating a product that people love? Not to mention that he also gets to sip wine most days..!

Mark is more than a wine maker, he’s a amateur historian, part time geologist and meteorologist, he has to be when he’s meeting people from all over the globe and explaining the providence and characteristics of his wine. He’s also a passionate advocate for local produce and talks as enthusiastically about other local products as he does his own.

I like drinking wine, perhaps a little to much, but I’ve never really appreciated the nuance and artisan nature of it’s production. Mark embodies that essence in a way, he’s more than a wine maker, he’s on a journey to learn and to enjoy his life. I feel he’s doing a great job!

Thanks Mark!

HighCast 056 – Alyse Price – Tobler

Alyse is a psychotherapist and owner of Bowral Road Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre.

My old man is a regular listener to the podcast god bless him… He told me that he almost turned off straight away when we talked about psychotherapy because he thought it might be about some sort of new fandangled woo woo. Such is the stigma around the brain and mental health and the limited societal knowledge of mental health practitioners.

I’m training as a counselor and deeply enjoyed this conversation. I find peoples behavior and subsequently their mind fascinating. I got great insight from Alyse. She is a caring and engaging person who has compelling knowledge of the working of our minds.

I always suspected that mental health workers would be exposed to some of the greatest challenges of the human condition but I wasn’t aware of the extent to which Alyse and her peers are working with some of the greatest challenges of our existence. This was certainly an eye opening conversation and one I will certainly have to follow up on.

Thanks Alyse!

HighCast 055 – Claire Connelly

Claire is a freelance journalist in Southern Highland.

I didn’t know what to expect when Claire came into the studio. I knew she is a journalist and does freelance work. I was interested to find out how she does her work from here and how she balances her intellectual and employment needs in a regional area.

I found myself deep in economic discussion and as I said on the podcast, I was barely keeping up. The discussion ranged from economic fundamentals to ethics and our obligations as citizens to be engaged in the process.

It’s fantastic to know that in our area of the world we have engaged and articulate individuals like Claire prepared to engage on a global scale. Her story, and the others I’ve heard, and brought to you, are the reason I started HighCast. If I hadn’t I feel as though I’d be sitting at home wondering whether there was anyone else in our neighbourhood pondering the big questions in life. Turns out there are…

Thanks for joining me Claire it was one of my favourite conversations so far!