HighCast 058 – Dylan Lourey

Dylan is owner of George Harris Movement.

Dylan produces hats, shirts and bags from hemp. A magical plant, best known for changing our consciousness, which, with its sustainable qualities, could end up changing the world.

It’s pretty cool that he does what he does from the highlands. He doesn’t have easy access to his chosen material and relies on manufacturing and distribution networks well beyond our area. That’s what’s so cool about it, he does what he does in spite of the difficulty, because it’s the right thing to do.

Dylan gave me GHM hat. I’ve been wearing it around, that is when my 5 year old son, who is, by the way, significantly cooler than me, isn’t wearing it. It feels good not only on my head, but in my head, to know that we have people in our area doing great things with global impacts.

Thanks for sharing Dylan!

HighCast 057 – Mark Bourne

Mark is owner and vigneron at Cuttaway Hill Wines.

Mark is a really happy guy. Why wouldn’t you be when you get to spend your days in the fields cultivating and creating a product that people love? Not to mention that he also gets to sip wine most days..!

Mark is more than a wine maker, he’s a amateur historian, part time geologist and meteorologist, he has to be when he’s meeting people from all over the globe and explaining the providence and characteristics of his wine. He’s also a passionate advocate for local produce and talks as enthusiastically about other local products as he does his own.

I like drinking wine, perhaps a little to much, but I’ve never really appreciated the nuance and artisan nature of it’s production. Mark embodies that essence in a way, he’s more than a wine maker, he’s on a journey to learn and to enjoy his life. I feel he’s doing a great job!

Thanks Mark!

HighCast 056 – Alyse Price – Tobler

Alyse is a psychotherapist and owner of Bowral Road Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre.

My old man is a regular listener to the podcast god bless him… He told me that he almost turned off straight away when we talked about psychotherapy because he thought it might be about some sort of new fandangled woo woo. Such is the stigma around the brain and mental health and the limited societal knowledge of mental health practitioners.

I’m training as a counselor and deeply enjoyed this conversation. I find peoples behavior and subsequently their mind fascinating. I got great insight from Alyse. She is a caring and engaging person who has compelling knowledge of the working of our minds.

I always suspected that mental health workers would be exposed to some of the greatest challenges of the human condition but I wasn’t aware of the extent to which Alyse and her peers are working with some of the greatest challenges of our existence. This was certainly an eye opening conversation and one I will certainly have to follow up on.

Thanks Alyse!

HighCast 055 – Claire Connelly

Claire is a freelance journalist in Southern Highland.

I didn’t know what to expect when Claire came into the studio. I knew she is a journalist and does freelance work. I was interested to find out how she does her work from here and how she balances her intellectual and employment needs in a regional area.

I found myself deep in economic discussion and as I said on the podcast, I was barely keeping up. The discussion ranged from economic fundamentals to ethics and our obligations as citizens to be engaged in the process.

It’s fantastic to know that in our area of the world we have engaged and articulate individuals like Claire prepared to engage on a global scale. Her story, and the others I’ve heard, and brought to you, are the reason I started HighCast. If I hadn’t I feel as though I’d be sitting at home wondering whether there was anyone else in our neighbourhood pondering the big questions in life. Turns out there are…

Thanks for joining me Claire it was one of my favourite conversations so far!

HighCast 054 – Mitch Harding

Mitch is advocate for DILF Club in Southern Highland.

DILF Club bitches!

A fantastic story about blokes getting together to talk about being a dad.

Being a dad is awesome but it can also suck. Like really suck. So much suck that you just have to suck it up and bottle it in and never, ever talk to anyone about it ever, lest you die. But at DILF club, blokes can talk about dad stuff or the footy or whatever, and that’s cool.

I like that DILF Club is free from institutions. It’s been established by a group of guys who just wanted to get together with no agenda. Mitch embodies this, he was feeling a bit isolated as a dad, came across DILF Club and started one in our area. Simple as that.

Seriously dad’s listen to this one and get down to DILF CLub on a Sunday morning in Mittagong.

Thanks Mitch!

HighCast 053 – Michael Meldrum

Michael is Convener of Climate Action Now Wingecarribee (CANWin)

The planet, maybe it’s flat, maybe it’s spherical, perhaps it’s doughnut shaped… One thing is definite, it’s our only home for now until we take to the great expanse of solar system and beyond.

It’s this notion of our only home that drives Michael and perplexes him as he promotes climate action in the Wingecarribee. How can you destroy your only home and why would you do so?

On HighCast I’ve met many local folks trying to do their part to make the world better for them, for their community and for the future. There are different opinions on how to do that, but as Michael demonstrates the passion for resilience and security runs deep within us.

I really enjoyed the conversation with Michael even if we got on our high horses for a bit. The view is great up there 😛

Thanks Michael.

HighCast 052 – Charlie Fenton

Charlie is candidate for One Nation in NSW state election.

I must admit I didn’t know what to expect from a One Nation candidate. The party, their leader are almost infamous, and their reputation has faced serious challenges over the past two decades. So when Charlie greeted me with a smile and some cheer, I was delighted to discover he wasn’t a devil /s*.

*For the non internet nerds /s indicates sarcasm.

Charlie comes across as friendly and genuine. He cares about health, education, law and order and is keen to see those types of services improved in our area. His opinions on these topics make complete sense and would not be out of place in any platform of any party.

I did try to get an insight in how he would make a pitch to people who don’t align with the the One Nation brand. I don’t know how it will play out in the electorate, but for what it’s worth I really enjoyed my conversation and his views on topics above were certainly centrist, if not, a little left leaning…

I’m super glad to have met Charlie and all the candidates. I embarked on this process by accident, but once I did, I wanted to demonstrate that even though across our fine region we may have differing political views, we can all have a decent, reasoned and respectful conversation. I think I achieved that.

Thanks Charlie and good luck!

HighCast 051 – Jason Bolwell

Jason is candidate for NSW Shooters, Fishers and Farmers for NSW state election.

He shoots, he scores. Jason and I had a little trouble getting this podcast recorded. He was patient and relaxed about the process and didn’t seem to mind that we had to try a couple of times. I really appreciated his calm…

Jason is running because he’s looking around, seeing change, and he’s not sure whether the change he see’s is best for him, his family and community. I don’t agree with everything Jason does, but I appreciate that he is willing to stand up for what he believes in, and is trying to make a difference. That is what democracy is about and I’m glad Jason is a participant.

Jason is keen to see the Wollondilly electorate remain rural. He, like almost all the other candidates, wants to slow development and maintain the lifestyle that residents love and stay for.

Outside of that, he spoke about freedom a lot. He is interested in maintaining our ability to do the things we enjoy in a lawful and respectful manner. Whilst I don’t partake in some of the freedoms he wants to ensure. I think we can all agree if people do what they want, and it doesn’t impact on others, they should be allowed to do it…

Thanks Jason for joining me on HighCast. It was a pleasure to meet you and I wish you the best of luck.

HighCast 050 – John Waters

John is a renowned entertainer and highlands local.


I didn’t know what to expect when John walked in the studio. He wore a cowboy hat, black shirt and jeans covered by a Dry-z-bone and black gum boots.

He doesn’t look like a rock and roller I thought to myself.

The look though, is pure Southern Highland. It was a cold and wet Friday (in the middle of summer), and John, like many other locals came to the studio prepared not just for the podcast but for trampsing around for the rest of the afternoon like all of us do when we’re picking up kids and doing the chores.

I guess that’s the point. John is a rock and roller, but he’s just like the rest of us. Yeah he sings and plays music on stage, and he was on Playschool (it didn’t even come up in the conversation) but John, like everyone else lives his life in the highlands and cares about the traffic, the price of housing and mowing his lawn like we all do.

John was able to provide insight beyond our little slice of heaven. His worldview is larger and he can converse on how art and entertainment plays significant role in the fabric of our society. I really enjoyed getting his perspectives on the impact of storytelling and narrative and how it can influence us in all our lives.

I really enjoyed this conversation. Thanks John for being so personable and so human..!

A big thanks to everyone at Highland FM, to all my guests and to my family for supporting me in doing 50 episodes of HighCast.

A big thank you to the reader of this blog and listener of the podcast. I do this for and couldn’t have done this without you.

HighCast 049 – Jo – Ann Davidson

Jo-Ann is Labor candidate for Wollondilly in NSW election.

Jo-Ann is warm hearted, focused on fairness and seems to genuinely care about the people in her life. She doesn’t come across like a politician, her responses to questions aren’t canned or scripted and she seems open to talk about all issues and to speak about things that concern her.

I like that real people can run for parliament. Sometimes it feels as though it’s robots who represent us but I certainly didn’t feel like that with Jo-Ann. Even when talking about unions, which Jo-Ann has been a representative for, I didn’t feel as though I was getting the party line, rather a person who cares about equality.

Jo-Ann is optimistic about the chances for a change of government in the March 2019 election. I’m not Nostradamus and can’t predict the future, but what I can predict is that there will be more real mums like Jo-Ann who run for parliament in the future. If some of them are like Jo-Ann, we’ll be better as a state and as a nation.

Thanks for taking the time to meet with me Jo-Ann. I look forward to seeing how your predictions play out 🙂