Keeping bees

Since I moved to the highlands I’ve wanted to keep bees, well today after much procrastination, today the journey has begun.

With some guidance from John from eezybeez I’ve found a spot on my property where I can put a hive.


There is still lots of work to do to get the trash heap of a yard ready but I feel motivated and keen. I’ll need to:

  • create a garden bed and border (added benefit of less grass to mow)
  • purchase and make up a hive (I’m most probably going to get a flow hive)
  • thin out some of the trees to get more sun
  • find some bees
  • look after bees (and get stung)
  • collect honey!

I’ll post my adventure here as it comes along.


Paddock to plate tour

Today my wife and I were guests of John Mauger at one of his paddock to plate tours.

The experience was great. We learnt the history of his farm, family and the area. Toured his paddocks and checked out his animals. We ate slow cooked lamb and were shown how to butcher a hind quarter.

When I moved to the Highlands and when I started HighCast, meeting people like John, building and being part of authentic relationships was one of my main motivations.

Today was a great day not only because the tour was fantastic but I feel like I’m living a rich, full and rewarding life.