HighCast 020 – Steve Horton

Great conversation with Steve Horton today. Steve is a man with a vision, a man who thinks deeply and who has purpose and direction. He is rare in his motivation and earnest in his optimism.

I’ve had lots of really great conversations on HighCast but this has been one of my favourites. I rarely meet someone with similar thoughts on leadership as me let alone the idealism and determination to implement them. Steve positions economic development as a builder of community and a means through which we can all benefit and it’s really refreshing to hear someone speak this way.

I’m definitely going to attend some of the events put on by the chamber. If Steve is a representative of the wider group, I’m sure I’ll enjoy their company.

Thanks Steve for coming on and thanks for the work you are doing in our community.

Just do it – not a nike ad


This is an excerpt from one of my favourite episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience. Joe and Dan Carlin talking about trying different things in life and writing down goals and achieving them. Watch through to at least 02:15.

I love the just f*$cking do it attitude, the contemplation that you only have one lifetime to do the things you want to do and sometimes you have to take a risk to make it happen. I’m trying my best to live like this at the moment and it’s really hard.

It’s really hard to balance passion and family commitments, the need to achieve versus the requirement to do what you are told, the comfort of a safety net versus the allure of dream. I don’t have an answer but when I listen to moments of two people talking in the way they do on this episode, the hair stands up on the back my neck, my motivational instinct peaks and I’m pushed to do the things I want to do, within reason of course…

If you’ve got time, listen to the whole podcast, it’s interesting in it’s entirety.

On call weekend

This weekend was my first weekend on call to drive rescue trucks since I received my medium rigid licence. I must admit I was a little nervous with the thought of driving a truck under response conditions and being responsible for not only a rescue but getting all the gear to a site in a safe and timely manner.

Luckily there were no calls for rescue (touch wood) whilst I had the vehicle. The hardest thing I had to do was park the beast at home. It barely fit…


I had to delicately park the truck right down the bottom of my property less than a meter from where the power line comes in. My boys really enjoyed when I put on the red and blue lights to back it in. I still have a test to drive it under pressure but I feel a bit more confident having driven the vehicle even if it was just to and from my house.

Stay safe people, I really don’t want to have to drive this beast fast…

Lean startup

I’m in Orange with work.

Orange is beautiful part of the world which in a lot of ways reminds me of the Highlands. The weather, the city architecture, the agriculture and the wine all make me feel at home when I’m away from home.

This morning I went for a run and found a park that had exercise equipment. The overnight temperature was so low that condensation had frozen on the chin up bar and there were icicles hanging down as I was doing my morning exercise. The day turned out beautiful although still cold.

I’m doing a course on lean startup methodology. The methodology really appeals to me as it is all about finding a viable solution to problems. In the Highlands most of us have it easy, but during the podcast I’ve heard so many great stories from guests about how they are trying to make their neck of the woods even better.

Whether it was Kira who’s trying to address youth mental health, John who’s trying to produce ethically grown produce, Greg who runs an animal welfare refuge or Anthea who is trying to help Highlanders manage their money better, we’re all trying to make our place just a little better than yesterday.

HighCast has opened my eyes and ears to new experiences, new ideas and new people. You don’t need a methodology, just a purpose and desire to help. That’s what I’m discovering about this community and I’m doing it through your stories.



HighCast 019 – Scott Inman

Scott ‘Ironman’ was on the podcast today after volunteering at Bowral Parkrun.

We talked exercise and dedication, what it takes to compete in an Iron Man event that lasts for half a day, and how balance in work and life is about setting goals and achieving them.

It was great to hear Scott talk about health, community and fun. At the Highlands Triathlon Club he is part of, they are more than just a group of people who don lycra to feel good about themselves while they do laps of a pool or the oval. The club is about connection, it’s about a common experience, it’s about bringing kids and nannas together and doing something that is personally challenging but also has societal benefits.

Scott’s really methodical in his approach to exercise and the club. The club has brought together a great range of sponsors and has achieved great membership in a short period of time. I love that in places like the Highlands communities come together in support of healthy and happy people.

You can find out more about the club on their Facebook page.


Medium rigid

Please don’t shy away in horror, the title doesn’t describe my current state of arousal rather my category of drivers licence.

Last week I was successful in passing my medium rigid drivers test.

It was much harder than I expected and I have a renewed respect for people who drive vehicles, especially heavy vehicles for a profession. After days of driving heavy vehicles around in anticipation for my test I realised that I couldn’t drive professionally and respect to the people who do. I hope robots don’t take all professional driving jobs, there would be something romantic about hauling on the long open road, it’s just not for me.

I got MR licence so I can drive our heavy rescue trucks at the SES.

I was nervous practicing and during my test. I won’t tell a lie and pretend that I won’t be nervous the first time I have to drive a truck under response conditions (lights and sirens) but it’s one of those experiences and hurdles in life that I will overcome.

If I can handle these two I can handle a rescue truck!


Flow Hive 2

Today my bee keeping adventure really began. I purchased a Flow Hive 2. It was quite expensive, almost $1,000 with shipping but I think it will be worth it.

In the Gorman household we go through a fair amount of honey, mainly on our porridge on cold highlands mornings but also drizzled on nice cheese and crusty bread.

I also like to think that I’m going to contribute to a wider effort to stem the decline in bee numbers across the world, do my bit to aid pollination and reduce waste through my consumption habits.

It will be probably half a year before I get my first taste of any honey but you have to start somewhere right…

Thanks to John @ Eezy Beez for the recommendations and tips and what to get.


HighCast 018 – Daniel Briggs

I had the pleasure of having Daniel Briggs on the podcast today. Dan is a Mittagong local and volunteer who is passionate about emergency preparedness in his community.

We talked about blokes and safety, how we tend to charge on into things and perhaps don’t think about the consequences. We talked about how Wingecarribee SES is hosting an evening for men on 17 July focussed on getting men prepared to manage difficult situations.

As the podcast went on, I got a bit philosophical about a being a man and what it means to manage my own health and safety. How a simple error could impact my whole family and how as a man I think sometimes I can do everything when really I can’t.

Today was another great discussion that has increased my awareness and understanding of the world. I love doing this podcast… Thanks Dan!

HighCast on NSW south coast

I’m on NSW South Coast with SES.

I love the highlands but I also have a special place in my heart for the beautiful south coast of NSW. I particularly love the area between Milton and Bega. One day I’d love to own a farm in the area.

I’ve had the dream for a long time, but it’s time to dream no longer, so I’ve made it a personal mission to invest in a farm in the next couple of years. I’m taking steps to get control of my finances and my circumstances so when I find a place that might be for me I can invest in it.

I’d love to run a couple of head of livestock, have a chicken coup and a little orchard, sit back on the balcony and stare over the ocean drinking my own home brew and eating vegies straight from my own garden.

I do some of that now but there is something about the ocean that calls me.

I’ll blog here regularly on my mission so you know whether I’m achieving it. Hold me accountable please.