Medium rigid

Please don’t shy away in horror, the title doesn’t describe my current state of arousal rather my category of drivers licence.

Last week I was successful in passing my medium rigid drivers test.

It was much harder than I expected and I have a renewed respect for people who drive vehicles, especially heavy vehicles for a profession. After days of driving heavy vehicles around in anticipation for my test I realised that I couldn’t drive professionally and respect to the people who do. I hope robots don’t take all professional driving jobs, there would be something romantic about hauling on the long open road, it’s just not for me.

I got MR licence so I can drive our heavy rescue trucks at the SES.

I was nervous practicing and during my test. I won’t tell a lie and pretend that I won’t be nervous the first time I have to drive a truck under response conditions (lights and sirens) but it’s one of those experiences and hurdles in life that I will overcome.

If I can handle these two I can handle a rescue truck!


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