HighCast 019 – Scott Inman

Scott ‘Ironman’ was on the podcast today after volunteering at Bowral Parkrun.

We talked exercise and dedication, what it takes to compete in an Iron Man event that lasts for half a day, and how balance in work and life is about setting goals and achieving them.

It was great to hear Scott talk about health, community and fun. At the Highlands Triathlon Club he is part of, they are more than just a group of people who don lycra to feel good about themselves while they do laps of a pool or the oval. The club is about connection, it’s about a common experience, it’s about bringing kids and nannas together and doing something that is personally challenging but also has societal benefits.

Scott’s really methodical in his approach to exercise and the club. The club has brought together a great range of sponsors and has achieved great membership in a short period of time. I love that in places like the Highlands communities come together in support of healthy and happy people.

You can find out more about the club on their Facebook page.


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