Lean startup

I’m in Orange with work.

Orange is beautiful part of the world which in a lot of ways reminds me of the Highlands. The weather, the city architecture, the agriculture and the wine all make me feel at home when I’m away from home.

This morning I went for a run and found a park that had exercise equipment. The overnight temperature was so low that condensation had frozen on the chin up bar and there were icicles hanging down as I was doing my morning exercise. The day turned out beautiful although still cold.

I’m doing a course on lean startup methodology. The methodology really appeals to me as it is all about finding a viable solution to problems. In the Highlands most of us have it easy, but during the podcast I’ve heard so many great stories from guests about how they are trying to make their neck of the woods even better.

Whether it was Kira who’s trying to address youth mental health, John who’s trying to produce ethically grown produce, Greg who runs an animal welfare refuge or Anthea who is trying to help Highlanders manage their money better, we’re all trying to make our place just a little better than yesterday.

HighCast has opened my eyes and ears to new experiences, new ideas and new people. You don’t need a methodology, just a purpose and desire to help. That’s what I’m discovering about this community and I’m doing it through your stories.