Just do it – not a nike ad


This is an excerpt from one of my favourite episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience. Joe and Dan Carlin talking about trying different things in life and writing down goals and achieving them. Watch through to at least 02:15.

I love the just f*$cking do it attitude, the contemplation that you only have one lifetime to do the things you want to do and sometimes you have to take a risk to make it happen. I’m trying my best to live like this at the moment and it’s really hard.

It’s really hard to balance passion and family commitments, the need to achieve versus the requirement to do what you are told, the comfort of a safety net versus the allure of dream. I don’t have an answer but when I listen to moments of two people talking in the way they do on this episode, the hair stands up on the back my neck, my motivational instinct peaks and I’m pushed to do the things I want to do, within reason of course…

If you’ve got time, listen to the whole podcast, it’s interesting in it’s entirety.