HighCast 023 – Ben Fitzsimmons

When I was younger I loved the pulp song Disco 2000. I liked that 2000 seemed so far away and unrealistic, and when they got there they realised it was just normal and things didn’t turn out exactly as expected. Today, thanks to you, HighCast has been listened to over 2000 times! When I started HighCast I didn’t think I’d get more than 10 listens on the first episode and maybe I’d do a couple before it folded but today I’m averaging 90 listens per episode and you’ve told me to do more, so I have.

Today Ben Fitzsimmons was my guest. Ben is a highlands local and representative of Hume Coal. Ben is a great guy who can have reasonable and rationale discussions about what has proved a sensative topic in the region – the proposed hume coal mine…

Ben is a fantastic advocate for Hume Coal and an articulate and nuanced geologist. His representation demonstrates he understands the sensitivities of the proposed mine and is prepared to have difficult discussions. Even though I don’t endorse the mine, I endorse people like Ben who bring science and people skills together to help us answer the important questions of community. We need more discussions like the one Ben and I had, I really enjoyed it.

Don’t forget you can now listen to HighCast on YouTube as well as on iTunes or listen on your browser or mobile with SoundCloud.


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