HighCast 025 – Debbie Smith

Debbie is a highlands local and Manager of Meals on Wheels Southern Highlands.

More than a meal is their slogan and Debbie embodies its meaning. She is caring, keen to make a difference and has can do spirit that so epitomises organisations such as MoW.

We talked volunteering, the importance of community and finding and pursing purpose in your life. I really enjoyed her openness, candor and humor. The highlands is lucky to have a leader like her.

Meeting people like Debbie and hearing her story is the reason I do this. I hope you enjoy it to and that together we can make a difference in our community.

Today I launched HighCast as a social enterprise. Through sponsorship, I hope to give support to volunteers who give so much to us. If your a business in the highlands who wants to not only promote your brand on HighCast but also give back to community get in contact.

0405 037 038