Whispers of history

Yesterday I walked the Gib Track up and around the quarry at Mt. Gibraltar with the family.

Every step you take you get the sense of treading on ground traversed by someone before. Whether a first Australian, a quarry worker or fellow highlander you can hear the whispers of the past echoing off the high walls of the 178 million year old stone as the sun gently creeps below the horizon.

I’ve done the walk, or parts of it, countless times before. I love walking it with my children. They explore every nook and cranny of the tracks and scar of the old mine. I live vicariously through them, experiencing clambering, climbing and falling for the first time on the slippery and hard surfaces.

As they journey, you can feel as though they, we, are the only one’s to have ever done this. That no other human could have ever experienced this feeling or emotion but I know that’s not the case. We’re treading where others have before us and continuing their legacy, and when walking the Gib, we should be mindful of history and grateful  for it’s contribution.

It’s easy to forget that many millions of years of history and generations of people have come before us. That after we have gone there will be many more. As I walked the Gib Track it dawned on me that maybe all the past is, is whispers, and all that I, and we, will leave behind will be as well.

Whispers that linger in the mannerisms and eyes of our children, the gardens we have planted and the communities we’ve grown. Whispers of the past are important, speak loudly and clearly now so that they linger for a long time afterwards.

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