Complicated and confounding ideas

After my conversation with Ozzie last week I began thinking about films that inspired me, films that invoked hope and that conveyed meaning. I thought back to my youth to Star Wars, BMX Bandits, the Goonies and other classics that are part of our vernacular if you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s.

On the weekend I was tired after Bowral Parkrun and needed some time to chill with the boys and be entertained. I came across Never Ending Story in our DVD collection. I put it on and straight away I was transported to a world of fantasy and grand narratives.

Ozzie and I talked about inability to convey message and meaning in today’s media landscape of 60 second videos, and correspondingly, how time is necessary to express nuanced and complicated ideas. Never Ending Story deals with death and sadness, coming of age and confidence, and lack of meaning in our lives. You can’t relay difficult concepts and thoughtful messages in a snap chat video or three minute “extended” news feature. It takes time and creativity to express such complicated and confounding ideas, particularly to children but to adults as well.

It’s not just immediacy and attention, I feel as though we’ve forgotten the art of story telling. Of conveying value and meaning between us and across our cultures through story. I don’t know whether it’s us or story tellers who are to blame (let’s face it, it’s us, we “don’t have time for it”} but it feels as though somewhere we forgot about purpose and replaced value with consumption.

Perhaps I’m reading into it way to much and all I want and need is to be entertained for a short period between unpacking the dishwasher and putting clothes on the line. I don’t think it’s too much to ask, in those moments between normalcy that I can watch or listen to something a little more thought provoking than who danced on a ninja warrior whilst cooking their grandmothers block…

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