HighCast 027 – Dr Troy Myers

An interesting and fun conversation today with Dr Troy Myers. Troy is a paleontologist who specialises in marsupial mammals dating back 25 – 35 million years ago.

The time scales in which Troy works are incomprehensible to a lay person like me. The breadth and depth of his scientific knowledge is incredible and his ability to jump from geology to biology and climate science makes him a fascinating person to talk to.

My favourite parts of the discussion focus on discovery. The joy and pursuit of discovery seem lost on many today. The ability to learn something new and to translate knowledge to others seems as necessary now as it has ever been. I hope that somewhere a young person might listen to this podcast, to Troy, and think maybe a career in science, maybe paleontology, is for them.

Troy practices paleontology from the highlands and is an example of a community member pursuing a passion many may not consider relevant to the highlands but he’s doing it. You can follow Troy’s escapades or begin your own this weekend by heading up to Mt Gibraltar and looking through the piles of rock there 😛

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