The numbers 1 – 9 – 5 – 5 have been a repetitive theme in my life this week.

On Saturday at Bowral Parkrun I ran a time of 19:55. It was the first time I had run under 20 minutes for over three months and quite unexpected considering I hadn’t run under 20:30 in that same time period.¬†Saturday was one of those days as a runner everything just clicked. I got my eating and my sleep right, and in hindsight I’d probably been working up to a fast run for a while and on Saturday everything just fell into place.

Running a 5 km race in under 20 minutes is an achievement for any amateur runner. Consider running at 90 per cent of your capacity for the duration of the run. Consider the physical and mental stresses this puts on you and one can comprehend why it’s not an easy task. Every time I run under 20 I feel fairly exhausted afterwards but also pumped that I’ve pushed my mind and body to the achievement.

Also this week I added Hilltop Hoods to some of my music streaming services. I forgot how good they are. I loved Aussie hip hop and even gave it a crack myself for a little while. Hilltop Hoods song 1955 is one of my favourites. It’s catchy, witty and has a good narrative. I had the song on repeat for a while at work whilst I was seeking inspiration.

In support of the theme of 1955 by Hilltop Hoods I feel like I’ve been transported back to that year and beyond today when I read of the opening speech of new Australian Senator Fraser Anning who called for a ‘final solution’ to Australia’s ‘immigration problem’. He has been widely condemned by most but there are some Australians who have supported his comments.

Whether or not Australia has an ‘immigration problem’ is a healthy debate for a democracy to have. It’s important for us to have nuanced and considered discussions about population, community, economy and environment all of which are impacted or enhanced in some way by immigration.

Senator Anning’s comments are not nuanced or considered, rather distasteful at best and don’t add anything to his argument. They inflame conversation and stop debate. It’s a shame that important discussions like immigration are hampered by careless words and ignorant thoughts. I want my elected officials to be better than this. I hope you do as well.

I hope we don’t slip back in time and can continue to have constructive debate, but if we do, I for one welcome my 1955 overlords..!

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