HighCast 029 – Zac Hulm + Richard Vines

On a beautiful, if a little windy, day in the highlands I welcomed Zac Hulm and Richard Vines into the studio. Zac is Community Engagement Manger and Richard CEO of Rare Cancers Australia, a charity which advocates on behalf of and gives support to Australians suffering from rare forms of cancer.

Today’s podcast was incredibly humbling. I was subdued during my preparedness activities and during the podcast. I was presented with the opportunity of perspective and reflection when talking about people who are far less fortunate, health wise, than myself.

Richard’s wife and Zac are cancer survivors. They are personally invested in their journey and are passionate and articulate promoters of their cause. We talked about cancer, their work and how their work impacts them and their team personally. I was in awe of the work they do, especially with children.

I met Zac at the dentist and got to talking about how they run a national charity from Bowral. The rare cancers team are a great example of the fantastic work that can be done from our neck of the woods with a little know how, passion and some digital innovation.

I hope you enjoy the podcast.


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