HighCast 030 – Scott Hogan

Scott Hogan, President of Southern Highlands Off Road R/C Car Club was guest on HighCast 030.

I must admit I was a bit skeptical about how interesting the story might be. I was wrong! Scott is building a wonderful club for, and built by, community. It’s a family club about participation and belonging and has inclusiveness at it’s heart.

It was fascinating to learn about the R/C cars, the categories of racing and how the club has built it’s own track from scratch.

My favourite part of the conversation revolved around Scott’s passion to bring creativity and excitement to life through toys! He is part of something bigger than himself and is facilitating¬† learning and personal growth in the process.

Another wonderful story about cool things happening in the highlands. I’m so glad that I pursued the conversation and didn’t let my initial skepticism get in the way. If I had, I wouldn’t have learnt what I did today and met another great community member.

Thanks Scott.