HighCast 031 – Louise Jensen

Louise is a highlands local and advocate for Global Care Africa. She is running a fundraiser to build a home for 50 children in Tororo, Uganda.

Louise had her “soundtrack” or pivotal moment at Christmas 2017 when she learned the story of Caroline from Tororo, Uganda. Orphaned before she turned 10, Caroline was sold by her brother to a man at age 13 . She ran away, fell into drug use and was pregnant at age 19 to a man she didn’t know.

At the age of twenty-six, Caroline began taking in orphans. Now, she and twelve children (11 orphans) live in a three-bedroom home.  Louise is fundraising to support development of a home for up to 50 children and is on a mission to raise $100,000 to do so.

Louise’s story is as empowering as Caroline’s. She has really discovered herself through helping others. She is inspired and determined to achieve her target and seems to have found a purpose and mission she is passionate about.

I said to Louise after recording that her story is probably my favourite. I’ve had favourite and most funny podcasts, but Louise’s story is the best to date. I said on the podcast that I was a bit jealous of the joy she appears to have found. I was telling a bit of a fib, I find excitement in finding stories like Louise’s and I hope that others can find inspiration from her.

Louise is supported by many others across the highlands and wants to offer special thanks to Monica Williams from Robertson who has already funded a well in Tororo Uganda and is a raffle and fundraising extraordinaire.



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