Something bigger than ourselves

We look to our leaders for purpose and direction, we look to those with responsibility for inspiration and motivation, and we crave inclusion in something bigger than ourselves.

It’s why we get so disappointed when we witness such poor actions from parliamentarians in Canberra and why we find hope in organisations like NSW State Emergency Service.

Everyone at NSW SES has a leadership role, I know because I witness it week in and week out.

Whether it’s during training, when we’re helping you in storms or when we’re responding to road crashes, every single one of our members is providing leadership to our community and within our own ranks.

I notice it in our meetings when we’re briefed on safety, when we’re performing preparedness tasks on our vehicles and everyone is lending a hand, and when we’re debriefing after a tough job and your team really cares about your welfare.

I know SES is full of leaders, even though it’s often unspoken, but you just know that a task will be completed because individuals care enough and are willing to contribute despite difficulty or misgiving.

We can trust that SES is full of leaders, it mightn’t be said, but it’s always at forefront of mind.

You can tell because ordinary people are willing to share a burden much too heavy for most and give their personal time freely and without expectation of reward.

Leadership at SES is never forgotten because it’s about trust, accountability and respect. 

Respect for your fellow volunteers, for community and for the roundel.

It is professionalism and integrity we display to, and with our rank, and about the safety we entrust when providing our service.

In SES we know that leadership is more than just a position it’s who we are.

If only our parliamentarians were the same.


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