HighCast 033 – Tim Wyszynski

Tim is a highlands local and arborist.

I need to get more young folks on the podcast.

Tim’s story and point of view is refreshing, invigorating and funny. He has a voice and tone I often hear on the pages of reddit (shout out to r/australia), that get’s drowned out by others, outside of the web, that seek to speak on his behalf, but don’t understand where he comes from or why he feels and thinks the way he does.

I really enjoyed this conversation because we were able to relate on our hopes and ambitions but also on our anxieties. We both want to live in a regional area that is open, fair and embraces its regionalism. We are both perplexed at decisions about development and infrastructure that don’t make sense to us. We’re both trying to figure out our place and trying to make the most of our challenges and opportunities.

I’m so fortunate to have had another great conversation and get another valuable and different perspective on the world. If I hadn’t of started HighCast, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to hear Tim’s perspective, let alone bring it to a wider audience.

Thanks Tim!


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