HighCast 036 – Susan Conroy

Susan is a Southern Tablelands local and Executive Director of Southern Tablelands Arts.

When I met Susan she was limping and using a crutch to support herself when walking after a leg injury…

I thought to myself, I might need to push this discussion a bit, but I was not prepared for the dynamo that is Susan. I should have realised that the fact she’d come to the Wingecarribee from Goulburn with only one leg meant that Susan is a woman of action and one prepared to discover the world around her.

Discover she has, a one time social practitioner, Susan is now an arts administrator who uses her role to build stronger and more resilient communities through creativity. It’s funny how as a person who’s profession it is to prevent catastrophe I feel that in many ways, through her work to build social connections, engagement and empowerment, Susan is doing more to mitigate disaster than most emergency service workers.

I was delighted to hear Susan muse on the role of the creative process and creative people. We take our lives so seriously these days, we’re in such a rush to complete all the mundane tasks, that sometimes we don’t appreciate the beauty in our world and take the time to explore meaning and purpose. Susan facilitates us all to do this and I feel better knowing that she is…

I recently read a quote about career. It went along the lines of don’t focus on jobs rather on building relationships with like minded people who have positive, can do,  attitudes and you’ll find really fulfilling opportunities. After meeting Susan I feel like she embodies this and I’m slowly learning from people like her…

Another fantastic conversation – Thanks Susan.


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