HighCast 037 – Judy Hannan

Judy is a Wollondilly local, Mayor of Wollondilly Shire Council and independent candidate for seat of Wollondilly in 2019 NSW state election.

I’m glad to have conversed with Judy today. She comes across as warm, friendly and with a kind heart. You can tell she has a keen intelligence and wit, and is genuine about her desire to make a difference.

Our conversation ranged across a number of topics but with a central theme of authenticity and accountability in politics. We bemoaned the lack of authenticity in current political debate and culture and the need for grass roots, local and real political activism.

Judy is current Mayor of Wollondilly Shire Council and has been involved in local council for a long period, you get glimpses of “politician” you see on the television and hear on the radio, but mostly she is just a mum who wants to make sure her community can put food on the table and might have enough for a well earned trip to Disney World, I like that, we need more of Judy and less career politician in politics.

I’m sure if Judy and I got into the ins and outs of her politics we’d find lots that we disagree on however today we saw eye to eye. Two people, of different communities and world views who come together to talk about reasonable people, displaying common sense whilst achieving balanced outcomes across economy, environment and community.

I welcome a discussion with any politician, local, state or federal from our community, but you better be as personable and reasonable as Judy 😛

Thanks Judy.


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