HighCast 038 – Carolyn Smee + Joseph Lyons

Carolyn is a DJ and owner of Smeebiz does good things. Joseph is Marketing Manager, Interchange Australia.

In a time where everything is commercialised and meaning is disparate, music, primal and heady is a beacon for hippy’s and marketers alike. It was within this realm that I conversed with Carolyn and Joseph about music, life and community and how music is a means of creativity, passion and unity.

Whether or not we love Prince and Kanye, we can all bond over music. We can come together through lyrics, melody and beat. It’s like our hearts pound at different rhythms but in the end they’re all beating and that’s what matters.

This is particularly true of the Rockcan initiative Carloyn and Joseph support. It’s people of all abilities rocking, dancing and playing together. If this isn’t what community is about I don’t know what is.

In the wake of a (at the time of writing this too close to call Whentworth by-election) that proved decisive in it’s message to our leaders, the vision of those that bring us together couldn’t be brighter.

Thanks Carolyn and Joseph shining through music.


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