HighCast 040 – Laurence Manser

Laurence is a stick insect enthusiast and martial arts instructor.

What a great discussion. Apart from the fact that we had a few technical difficulties and I could barely talk this discussion was informative and fun.

Laurence is a quirky, funny and thoughtful man. If I hadn’t of started HighCast I probably would never have discovered his interests and learnt about the interesting world of stick insects and bugs. I might have watched a documentary about them but it wouldn’t be the same.

It really goes to show that we don’t interact enough as humans anymore. We see someone, judge them based on superficial grounds and then move on like ships in the night, but if we don’t connect over conversation, how are we to learn the intricacies of talents, hobbies and joys.

I don’t know why I’m surprised anymore. Each conversation opens up a realm of discovery and engagement I didn’t have previously. This one was no different. Thanks Laurence.


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