HighCast 041 – Mel Woodbury Kwong

Mel is a Bowral local, ex ballet dancer and Chinese medicine practitioner.

Mel has practiced ballet at the highest level, yet despite that, she is humble about her achievement. She is more than humble, she’s not ashamed of what she has achieved but I get the sense that it doesn’t define her and she is still seeking for something that does.

Her passion for movement is clear. There is a grace and poise in her thoughts and it is reflected in the words she chooses to describe her love of Aikido. As a martial arts practitioner myself I understand her desire to be fluid in her art and her everyday life.

I didn’t realise how in depth the study of Chinese medicine is. I have a new found appreciation for the combination of science and wisdom demonstrated in the practice. It’s brilliant to talk with a person who takes both the science and the personal into consideration when understanding human pain and consequence. Here was I thinking perhaps it was all woo woo…

I left the conversation with Mel feeling complicated and bombastic. Mel is humble and understated. We’re lucky to have her here in the highlands. Thanks Mel.

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