HighCast 047 – Debbie Hunt

Debbie is owner and operator of An Alternative Life Learning Centre in Bungonia.

HighCast has introduced me to people who are saving the world in their own way in their own back yard. Debbie is one of these people, she is a passionate advocate for environment and sustainability and, along with her family, is doing her best to make the planet a better place.

Debbie is slight in stature but not in spirit. A woman who has risked a lot for what she believes in, Debbie is caring and compassionate and has chosen to give back to the earth and to our community through
An Alternative Life Learning Centre in Bungonia where she farms not just for the produce, but for the environment and to educate community.

Any time I feel down about politics or the immense challenges facing the world, I think back to my guests like Andrew Forbes and now Debbie who, despite the difficulties they face, continue to be an example to us all.

Thanks Debbie for the conversation and for the produce, my cooking isn’t great but it’s made better by your products!

Perrumba Farm Produce courtesy of Debbie… Yum…

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