HighCast 048 – Heather Edwards

Heather is candidate for Animal Justice Party for seat of Wollondilly in upcoming NSW state election.

There is a growing trend across community recognising our relationship with environment and our shared lived experience with animals. Heather, representing a political party formed for this reason, is the embodiment and benefactor of this trend.

A self professed vegan, heather puts forward a philosophy about animal justice that isn’t about being militant, rather, it’s about legislating for alignment of community, economy and environment in such a way that promotes a fairer and more humane experience for animals.

We talked about her motivations and chances of success. Heather is realistic in her expectations but not backwards in proclaiming her targets. I’m glad there are people like heather who provide her viewpoint to the political spectrum, it makes me happy to know there are people who care about animals enough to run for parliament on the platform.

Whether or not Heather succeeds is not the point. It’s that she cares about something and is willing to do something about it that matters. I’m a lucky person to have met Heather…

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