HighCast 050 – John Waters

John is a renowned entertainer and highlands local.


I didn’t know what to expect when John walked in the studio. He wore a cowboy hat, black shirt and jeans covered by a Dry-z-bone and black gum boots.

He doesn’t look like a rock and roller I thought to myself.

The look though, is pure Southern Highland. It was a cold and wet Friday (in the middle of summer), and John, like many other locals came to the studio prepared not just for the podcast but for trampsing around for the rest of the afternoon like all of us do when we’re picking up kids and doing the chores.

I guess that’s the point. John is a rock and roller, but he’s just like the rest of us. Yeah he sings and plays music on stage, and he was on Playschool (it didn’t even come up in the conversation) but John, like everyone else lives his life in the highlands and cares about the traffic, the price of housing and mowing his lawn like we all do.

John was able to provide insight beyond our little slice of heaven. His worldview is larger and he can converse on how art and entertainment plays significant role in the fabric of our society. I really enjoyed getting his perspectives on the impact of storytelling and narrative and how it can influence us in all our lives.

I really enjoyed this conversation. Thanks John for being so personable and so human..!

A big thanks to everyone at Highland FM, to all my guests and to my family for supporting me in doing 50 episodes of HighCast.

A big thank you to the reader of this blog and listener of the podcast. I do this for and couldn’t have done this without you.

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