HighCast 064 – Alex Rowe

Alex is an animal welfare inspector.

I’m on team human, Alex is on team animal.

I’m not fussed that we’re on different sides because I think we met nicely in the middle in what was a great discussion about animals in our lives and the complexity and challenges that comes with being their custodians.

Animals have a special place in our psyche. They are separate but also so similar to us that we find it hard to reconcile these conflicting thoughts in how we interact and treat them. Alex is in the front line of this conflict, she sees some of the best and the worst of our relationship with animals.

I really admire Alex’s work. It takes a certain type of person to put the welfare of other beings on such an important foot hold in their lives. Alex cares deeply about what she does and it trying to make the world a better place by impacting on the lives of vulnerable animals. All power too her.

It was great to have Alex in the studio. I hope to continue our conversations, maybe even end up on the same team one day 😛

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